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Clothing: Your clothing choices play an important role in your portraits. We have a dressing room available for outfit changes if you are not sure what you would like to wear. We suggest that you bring several options and we will assist in your decision. White or pastel colors are perfect for lighter backgrounds. Casual outfits or Earth tones work best for outdoor photographs. Middle tones or deeper solid colors are ideal for formal portraits. Choose solid colored clothes and avoid large prints, patterns or wording that detracts from your face for all professional headshots. Choose long sleeved or quarter sleeved shirts and sweaters rather than short sleeved. When choosing multiple outfits we suggest that one would be dressy (suit, shirt and tie or button up for men as well as long pants or a dress for a women). Our clients are pleased with ironed and clean clothes and shoes. Socks with shoes should match your outfit.

Group Portraits: Work together to choose 1-3 similar color tones that go nicely together. Ex: dark green, navy and burgundy for dark tones or tan with light olive, maybe denim with white for a softer tone.

Glasses: If you wear glasses, wear them for your portraits. You may have lenses removed if they are not anti-reflective lenses. As professionals’ we try very hard to minimize reflection with tips and tricks to reduce your glass glare.

Hair and Accessories: Your hair always looks best when it is kept natural. Plan to wear your hair in a style that you are comfortable with. Please avoid new cuts (if you choose to have a fresh hair cut or colored, make your appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your portrait session. Keep accessories to a minimum like necklaces, earrings and sometimes watches, simple is always best. Seniors do not forget your class ring. All bands like hair ties and silicone should be removed from wrists (unless of some importance. We find that Senior girls like to change their hairstyles with their outfits.

Make up: Keep your makeup natural and fresh. We suggest that you bring with your powder to reduce facial shine.

Shave: A nicely trimmed beard or fresh shave for your portraits.

Acne: When previewing your images you will find that we have “pre-touched” each of them. After choosing your images for printing, we will remove acne. Moles and scars are removed upon request.

Props: At Rockers we offer assorted props and backgrounds to match your outfits and personalities. We suggest that you may bring any props from home including chairs, letter jacket, sports equipment and uniforms, instruments, pets, toys and for a one year old a birthday cake to smash. Please mention these extra’s when you book your appointment.